Making Up For Lost Time

I just spent way too much time on my laptop trying to catch on my Telemaggoter Post blog and trying find a new theme for this one. The Telemaggoter Post for those who aren’t aware was originally a part of this one. It’s a blog that I use for reporting calls from phone numbers I […]

Social Media Break Extended

In my last blog post just a few short days ago I told you how I decided to take a break from social media. Shortly thereafter I closed the Instagram account that I recently created. To be honest this had less to do with the break and more to do with the fact that I […]

Social Media Break & Hypersensitivity

After an encounter I experienced on Twitter I decide it was time to take break from social media until August. Simply put I poked fun at Kellyanne Conway when I answered someone with, “Alternative facts”. As a result I was accused of being a bot and was told my employer should fire me. I waited […]

What’s In A New Name

Hello Everyone, For a number of weeks now I have been seriously contemplating changing the domain for my blog. It would be the third time for me. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. The radiostormryan domain was inspired by both my radio hobby and my interest in weather. About […]

The Trump Wall

So President Trump insisted on interrupting regularly scheduled programming to talk about his wall. To be honest I wasn’t sold on his wall idea. But then I started to come with a list of items that can be used to increase the popularity of the wall and here they are. Rice Krispies treats: Just picture […]

Killing Time At McDonalds

I am sitting here in my local McDonalds with some time to kill before I get on the bus to head to Target. Yeah, yeah, I know I know that I am going to die a horrific death because I am eating at McDonalds. What can I say except that I like living life on […]