Winter Storm Names 2019-2020

In November of 2012 The Weather Channel took up the practice of naming winter storms. I thought it was a ridiculous idea then and I still believe it is now. But since this practice continues to this day then I thought why not come up with a list of my own. So here it is my list for the 2019-2020 winter season. My hope is to come up with a list for the next three to five years that will be repeated in the same way names for hurricanes do.

  • A- Aardvark
  • B- Blowhard
  • C- Covfefe
  • D- Doofus
  • E- Earlobe
  • F- Fart
  • G- Groundhog
  • H- Hiccup
  • I- Imbecile
  • J- Jumping-bean
  • K- Kinky
  • L- Leprechaun
  • M- Mashed Potatoes
  • N- Nincompoop
  • O- Onion
  • P- Porcupine
  • Q- Quintessential
  • R- Rutabaga
  • S- Spaghetti
  • T- Trampoline
  • U- Ukulele
  • V- Valkyrie
  • W- Wazoo
  • X- Xbox
  • Y- Yodel
  • Z- Zombie

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