Picture Project 3: Lightning FX

Within the last couple of weeks I started to tinker with a picture that appears to have been taken back in 2012. This all started when I decided to update the MidNYteStorm profile picture I had been using on 800notes. I stepped away from the site after deciding to create my Telemaggoter Post blog. But recently I have started to use the site again to report some of the number that call here and assist others. I wanted a picture that better represented my username. The picture I had was taken during the day and I wanted it look like it had been taken at night. I don’t have Photoshop so I was at at at loss on how to make the change. My friend/brother Bobby is a bit of photo buff so I asked if he could anything. When that didn’t work I tried this PicsArt app I recently download. While playing with the picture below I stumbled upon the option of adding lightning. While testing this out I discovered I could darken the picture. So I gave it a shot and liked what I saw. After making the changes I asked Bobby for his opinion on two or three versions of the picture and he seemed to the same one I was partial. So signed into 800notes and made the change. In between all of this I decided to go in the backyard to take pictures of the sky since it was raining thanks to the remnants of Nestor. I modified one them with the same lightning & other effects. I tinkered with a couple of other pictures and decided create my next picture project. First you will see the original followed by the modified pictures. I hope you enjoy them. As always I think you for visiting and hope you will come back soon.

This is the 2012 picture that inspired this blog post. It is a building in the neighborhood I grew up in. It was renovated and is now a medical office.

This is a picture I took from my backyard while dealing with the remnants of Tropical Storm Nester.

This is a picture I took of the former Payless ShoeSource in my hometown

This is a picture of somebody who can be bothered to find a parking spot.

2 thoughts on “Picture Project 3: Lightning FX

    1. I will be the first to admit it’s an extremely exaggerated look. But I liked it enough to use it on other pictures which inspired this post.

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