Making Up For Lost Time

I just spent way too much time on my laptop trying to catch on my Telemaggoter Post blog and trying find a new theme for this one. The Telemaggoter Post for those who aren’t aware was originally a part of this one. It’s a blog that I use for reporting calls from phone numbers I am not familiar with or have a reason to be suspicious of. After creating the Telemaggoter Post I was doing pretty good keeping up with it, but fell behind a couple of times and was able to catch up with it. But once the summer came around I found myself behind by about two months. I’d practically have to drag myself over to my laptop to start the process of catching up. Today I realized I was still two months behind. So I obtained the phone record for August and added unfamiliar number to the blog that should have been posted last month. Once I got that taken care of, I came back here to find a new theme. I must have looked some of the same themes more than five times. I might have looked at the one you see here about 10 times. Finally I was satisfied with a theme and made the change. Then I was able to go back the Telemaggoter Post to finally catch up. Now that has been taken care, I have to keep at myself to stick with it. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll keep up with it, but we’ll see how that goes come November.

Anyway I hope all is well over in your part of the world. Take care and goodbye for now.

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