Social Media Break Extended

In my last blog post just a few short days ago I told you how I decided to take a break from social media. Shortly thereafter I closed the Instagram account that I recently created. To be honest this had less to do with the break and more to do with the fact that I never got into it. I wasn’t all that impressed with the setup of Instagram and I liked the app even less. Besides I only signed in a few times and simply wasn’t worth keeping an account going if I really wasn’t going to use it. After less than a week into breaking away from social media I decided to extend my break into September. It’s been easier than I expected and figured what’s another month going to kill me. Besides I removed the apps from my iPads so the temptation to sign back in has been reduced dramatically. I’d consider deactivating my Facebook account, but I want to stay in touch with some of the people from my past such as childhood friends and a coworker or two. It’s been less than a week and it’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be. Of course a lot of that could be related to the fact that I removed the Facebook and Twitter apps from my iPad. The only question that remains is, “Will I fall back into my old habits?” I have done pretty good at avoiding politics as much as I can when it comes to this blog. But for some reason social media ends up working out differently. Though I will say I took steps of unfollowing a number of Twitter pages that I enjoyed reading the tweets from. One of which was a North Korean satire news page. But I realized if I’m going to avoid politics in most instances than I needed to stop following this page. Though I continue follow editorial cartoonists who do often cover the topic of politics. Before I would have been quick to share their tweets and the weeks leading into this break I have been able to simply enjoy the cartoons they draw without finding it necessary to share it with my followers. Much of what I have shared recently are pictures and tweets from a couple of pages that cover irresponsible drivers which I guess has taken the place of the political cartoons. The one thing I am not exactly looking forward to should stick to my game plan is all of the notifications I will have when I do return. But I guess that’s the price I have to pay to get away from things. Well it’s getting late and as such it’s time to bring this post to close. Enjoy your week.

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