Social Media Break & Hypersensitivity

After an encounter I experienced on Twitter I decide it was time to take break from social media until August. Simply put I poked fun at Kellyanne Conway when I answered someone with, “Alternative facts”. As a result I was accused of being a bot and was told my employer should fire me. I waited a couple of days and asked, “For poking fun at Kellyanne Conway?” This person tried to insist I wasn’t referring to her. It seems to me that there are some people get that bent out of shape if you don’t view the world from their eyes. Are people that hypersensitive? Do we live in a country where people expect to conform to their views? Can we no longer have different points of view without upsetting others? Whatever happened to, “Live and let live”? To be honest I used to be one of those that insisted on confronting others that posted comments that I disagreed with. But I realized that it made me look immature and I took steps to change my ways in a number of areas. I’d be lying if I said I have had a perfect record since then, but I’ve been 80% better than I was. If I post something that I realize goes against what I stand for than I’ll remove it. I accept my faults and take action when I feel it is necessary. I will block certain people on social media in an effort to avoid the slightest temptation of responding to them and to prevent their posts from showing up in my feed. The one downside is that I will come across blank spots when those I blocked respond to something. The irony of of this latest blog post is that I did manage to get under somebody’s skin on Twitter and I was blocked. It was one of my proudest moments on social media. Why is this? Because the person that blocked me was David Duke. With that said I will bring this post to a close. Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a great day.

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