The Trump Wall

So President Trump insisted on interrupting regularly scheduled programming to talk about his wall. To be honest I wasn’t sold on his wall idea. But then I started to come with a list of items that can be used to increase the popularity of the wall and here they are.

  1. Rice Krispies treats: Just picture it in your mind. I loved them when I was a kid and still do. Besides they have a unique look too. Who cares if they are not in uniform shapes. That would give them wall character. Unfortunately that might encourage me to go to the border to eat the wall.
  2. Chocolate cookie bars: Many people love chocolate chip cookie bars. I know that I do. In fact my mom used to make them when I was in school. What’s not to love, they are made with chocolate chips, brown sugar and other yummy ingredients. But again this would probably draw me to the border to eat them.
  3. Brownies: This is another item that many people love. In fact one of my oldest and dearest friends was inspired to make them. Let me tell you something, he was more than happy with the results. I imagine that if the president asked for his help he would be proud to volunteer. But if he was left in charge with making the brownies then we would get nowhere fast.
  4. Empty KFC buckets: If President Trump loves KFC as much as the media leads on then I am sure he would be more than happy to donate his empty buckets of chicken. Granted the wall might take a little longer to build, but just imagine the buckets stacked on top of one another forming a wall.
  5. Popsicle sticks: Why not try popsicle sticks? Kids love popsicles and they come in many varieties. Heck I had one in on Independence Day. Not to mention the fact that have been making projects using these sticks since before I was born. Besides we live in a world where recycling has become the norm and what better way to contribute to this effort than to recycle used popsicle sticks? To help increase participation maybe President Trump could offer free postage paid boxes that would allow people to send their sticks directly to him to help build the wall.

The point here is that we can increase the popularity of this wall by making it fun and I think this is the best way to accomplish just that. But I am fascinated to know if you have another ideas that would help make this wall more fun. So if you can come with any other fun filled items that can be used to build the wall, please let me know. I thought of putting fruitcake on this list. But I was concerned that people might not take me seriously and I would lose all my credibility. That’s why I am sticking with realistic items for the wall.

That is all for now. I hope you have a great day!

2 thoughts on “The Trump Wall

  1. Hi Ryan I liked your article about the wall and it made me laugh! One of the problems I have with the wall is how are you going to police the entire length of it. But you’ve given me a great idea: you could have Gummy Bears every mile or so from the Gulf to the Pacific. Bye for now. Adam

    1. Thanks for the comment Adam. I try to avoid politics here. When I do I want to try and keep a sense of humor about it.

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