Killing Time At McDonalds

I am sitting here in my local McDonalds with some time to kill before I get on the bus to head to Target. Yeah, yeah, I know I know that I am going to die a horrific death because I am eating at McDonalds. What can I say except that I like living life on the edge. Speaking of which there is a package of bacon in my refrigerator and maybe I’ll have that for dinner. All kidding aside I thought it would help time go by faster if I typed out a blog post on my phone. To be honest this isnt a subject oriented post since I just killing time. I don’t know if anyone who eats here has ever filled their surveys for one of those “Buy one large sandwich & get one free” or not. But I do and they have a comment section where I can share my thoughts about my experience. In the past I’d put the atypical things people might say. But last year I started to make mine a bit more colorful so to speak. For example McDonalds had offered the Mac Junior and Grand Big Mac. During this period I filled out a survey and said that martians walked in and stole my Grand Big Mac. I went further into than that but I won’t bore you with all of it. The next day I walked in and the manager had the biggest smile on her face and told me she read my review and was dying of laughter. I tried to make it obvious who I was since I rarely change my order. Yesterday I mentioned that I saw someone walking with an umbrella after some mist earlier in the day and then complained about the New York Giants losing. The point being is that I am sure they read the same old lame comments day after day and I thought I would put a different spin on it no matter how corny the comments might sound. So if you’re ever in a McDonalds and decide to do the survey try and put a humorous spin on it.

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