Photo ID To Buy Groceries??

All these years I have been to the supermarket and never knew I was supposed to be showing ID before I could buy groceries. Thank goodness for President Trump. If it wasn’t his superior wisdom and stable mind, I never would have known that I have been breaking the law for all these years. But now I worry that I could face prosecution. I mean the last thing I want is to have my local police department busting down the front door with a warrant for my arrest. The idea of being in jail scares me. I can’t help wondering what the maximum penalty is under New York State law. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I could be tried in federal court. Oh no, this can’t happen. I mean I do I face my friends and family? Will they look at me with shame in their eyes? Will I be forced to change my name and live in another state? The pressure is too much. I think I am going to turn myself in right now.

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