Twitter: Not As Planned

Not that long ago I created a new Twitter account for this page. Obviously I used the handle @RadioStormRyan. Part of the plan was to find humor in everyday life. Since that time I have been asked by Twitter to prove that I am not robot. This might not be so bad except for the fact that I don’t recall ever going through this on my old account. To be honest I am not exactly fond of the president and I have made it clear that I am not. There is part of me that questions if it could be related to exactly that. The only thing is that it’s not different from my previous account. The irony is that I wanted to avoid politics when I started this blog and I have done that. But I can’t say that with Twitter. So maybe I simply need to treat my Twitter account the same way I do this blog. Well I guess that’s the answer then and I think I took the right step by signing out of the app for at least a couple of days. Let’s see if I stick with that game plan

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