Time For a Change

When I started this blog I covered an array subjects. Some were political and others not so much. Some might say certain topics were controversial. But those were the things that were on my mind at the time. When I was looking over my posts as I prepared for my latest one in ages, I began to realize that it was time for me look in another direction. A more positive direction to be exact. In order to do this I decided to remove multiple posts. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ashamed of what I posted, but I felt if I am going to move in a more positive direction then I need to remove those posts that might bring negative attention. Besides, I realized that subjects like politics is something I have promised myself that I would avoid. When it comes right down to it, there is a time and place for me to discuss this subject and my blog just wasn’t one of them.
If I can accomplish this goal, I hope is to be more active on here. After all I created this blog for a reason. Although I want to use my blog in a more positive way, I cannot promise that everything will be subject will be a happy go lucky one. One might say my previous post wasn’t happy go lucky. But it allowed me to reflect on some cherished childhood memories as I was sitting in front of my laptop typing it out. Some I which I hope to share down the road.
With that I will bring this posts to a close. I want to thank you for visiting and I hope you come back again.

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