In Memory of Rob

In late 20014 my childhood friend Rob passed away. To say the news was a surprise would have been an understatement of the year for me. To be honest I almost couldn’t believe it. I think it took a week or two before it started to slowly sink in and when the ultimate moment of reality came, it hit me hard. Thankfully I can look back on the memories we shared and smile. Hopefully with time I can come here and share some of those moments. Though I must admit that more than one might sound a bit crazy. But we were kids at the time who didn’t know any better at the time. Until that time comes I would just like to send this message out to Rob.

Dear Rob,
I will always be grateful for the moments that we shared. Granted I can look back on more than one and ask, “What the hell were we thinking?” On the other hand we did get by unscathed, didn’t we? All kidding aside, I am glad that I can at least look back and laugh at those moments in particular. But if I could go back in time,I might be tempted to smack the two of us upside our heads. Thank you for being my friend. Even if we were a bit crazy at times. May you rest in peace.
Your Friend,
PS Seriously, just what the hell were we thinking?

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