Where Has the Time Gone?

It finally occurred to me that I have not made a post in quite sometime. In fact I haven’t posted anything since January 8th. I am not sure why allowed myself to get sidetracked, but I did. So I want to apologize to the followers that I have gained. To be honest I have been fairly active on social media and a site called 800notes. I finally realized that I need to stop and refocus. I need to break away  from the computer. If I am going to be on the computer, I have to do something more constructive (such as this blog). This is something I have promised myself before and I cannot seem to follow through with it. Somehow I have to keep myself  focused on this task.
In all honesty there are bigger things in life than social media sites. Don’t get my wrong, I enjoy connecting with my family, but at some point, I have to accept the fact that I need to try and break this darn cycle I am in. Once I finished with this post, I hope to sign out of my Facebook app and only sign into Facebook two or three times a day through my laptop. I hope to do the same with 800notes. Only time will tell where things go from here.
Thank you for viewing my blog and an extra big thanks to my followers.

4 thoughts on “Where Has the Time Gone?

    1. The crazy thing is that I spend too much time on the internet and yet I want to be a more active with my blog. I can’t seem to win either way.

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