Reflection: A Childhood Friend

Bobby and I have practically known each since we were born. His parents lived in the house across the street from mine.

We probably spent everyday together and for the most part we were fairly well behaved. Of course like every child we did get into mischief. But by today’s standards, we were angels.

One day we decided to walk up to our local supermarket that had this little mall of sorts with a few stores in it. One of them was a small doughnut shop. We went in to get a couple of doughnuts. It turned out we short on change. A man that worked there (I would guess the owner) had us to promise to come back with the change. Later that day one of our mothers decided to go to that supermarket. We started to worry that this man might see us. We decided that we had to use a disguise so he wouldn’t recognize us. Somehow one of us came up with the idea to use eyeliner to draw a mustache on our faces.  It seemed so ingenious back then. But when we talk about it now, we just laugh at how silly we were.

Bobby has a little brother.  Sometime before he was born their grandmother brought cookies and gave us one each. One day Bobby and I decided to tease him about this. I think we talked about how we got eat these cookies and he didn’t. His brother responded by saying that he tasted them when his mom ate one.
Then there was the time when his dad accidentally hit his leg with an ax. It freaked me out and for whatever reason or another I ran up to the supermarket to call the operator to have the fire department come with an ambulance.  When I ran back home I found out it wasn’t all that bad. But my mom wanted to punish after she found that I was the one that called the ambulance. Thankfully Bobby’s dad got her to calm down and nothing happened.
We lived across the street from one another for about eight years until his dad obtained a job that forced them to move to Delaware. Although it was only eight years, it seems like a lifetime in number of ways. We promised to keep in touch and we did for a while. But that eventually dwindled down to once in blue.

Early 90’s 

Sometime in the early 90’s I got a phone call from Bobby and discovered that he decided move back to NY. We tried to stay in touch. We got together a couple of times and even ran into each other at a shopping mall. But not much after that.

Present Day

A couple of years ago we were able to reconnect through Facebook.
I discovered that Bobby had gotten married and had two beautiful daughters.
Since that time I have been to his home (homes actually) and met his wife and children. We have also gotten together for breakfast and continue to communicate to this day.
The point here is if you have childhood friend and the ability to keep in touch, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. I have known him for 38 years and I am glad we were able to reconnect.

I have to admit that when I decided to do this, I was originally going to call Bobby Harold. But I just couldn’t do that to him.

2 thoughts on “Reflection: A Childhood Friend

    1. I’m sorry for the long delay in my response. I just came across your comment while my WordPress app was open. Obviously I approved it and never got around to responding.
      Anyway, yeah it’s been good keeping in touch. For as much as Facebook might drive me crazy, I am glad that I was member back then cause who’s to say if we would have reconnected. We might not have lost touch if we had today’s technology way back then. You and Bobby are two people I have known the longest.

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